Fabalicious food for human beans!

Just Beanit!

Beanit is the world’s first plant-based protein product made from Nordic Fava beans. We source and produce in Finland, where the fava beans are superb thanks to our intensive bright summer and clean nature.

We are not trying to replicate meat – we simply want to make food that tastes so good that you don’t feel you are missing out on anything when making a sustainable choice. Our food is rich, fulfilling and delicious. Just enjoy the taste, and the rest will follow.

Try one of our delicious recipes

Whether you need to prepare something quick or prove your hosting skills for parents-in-law, our wide Beanit product range can do it. With our proven recipes you can’t go wrong! Our products are quick and easy to prepare but remember that fine wine and fava beans is a solid combo too! 

Fava Bean – Our Unique Ingredient

Broad bean, faba bean, horse bean… no matter what you want to call it, it certainly means some delicious, versatile and nutritious food.

We are proud to have been one of the first food companies to rediscover this great crop, which we refer to as the “new old food”. For us, the fava bean is the hero and centerpiece in everything that we do.

Beanit® is Produced in Our Own Facility

Our production site stands in rural landscape in the small town of Kauhava, in the Western Finland. This is where our workers do their magic and turn fava beans into delicious Beanit® products.

Our production facility holds the FSSC 22000 certificate for the highest standards in food safety and quality.

Grown under the Nordic Skies

Finland has excellent conditions for fava beans to grow. They turn out the best when spoilt with sunlight, plenty of clean water and warm but not hot temperatures. That’s pretty much Finnish summer with its nightless nights right there!

Our fava bean sourcing is 100% Finnish, and comes mainly from the farmers in the region around Kauhava, where our production facility is located.

This is how we work

We’re constantly looking for new international partners on our journey to spread Finnish fava-deliciousness all over the world. 

We are keen on cooperating with even more retailers, food service partners, independent agents… If you are eager on joining us in our international operations just drop us a line and we’ll figure out the best way to cooperate! 

We are here to help

Please contact our Export Manager Ville.  He will have you rolling in no time.

Ville Viksten
Export Manager, International Sales & Accounts

Food for Health, Hearth and Earth

Beanit is part of Raisio Group and that is a brilliant thing for friends of sustainable food all over the world. Raisio is a listed international company specialized in healthy and responsibly produced food that is good for human beings and the planet.

The company has a strong international presence and exports products to over 40 countries.

Maybe try one of these?

Sautéed Beanit®The Sautéed Northern Beanit® is our take on the traditional Finnish stew made of reindeer or other game. It is quick to prepare and marries perfectly with traditional sides such as mashed potatoes and lingonberries. Yum!
Green Beanit® pizzaThe green pizza features pesto sauce and green toppings. The kale crisps up beautifully on the pizza. The recipe makes one baking tray or two round pizzas.

Just Beanit.