Raisio – the home of Beanit

Raisio stands for responsible and healthy food

Since 2021, Beanit has been part of Raisio’s international food business. In addition to Beanit® and Härkis®, Raisio’s well-known brands include Elovena® and Benecol®.

Raisio is deeply rooted in Finland, but its business is expanding ever further and more rapidly onto the global markets. Raisio has come a long way from the mill company founded in 1939. Currently, the international listed company exports products to more than 40 countries and employs hundreds of proud food professionals.

Becoming a forerunner in responsibility

The responsibility mindset that reaches to the very core of Raisio Group highlights the well-being of people and the planet. Raisio’s purpose has been defined as “Food for Health, Heart and Earth”. The Good Food Plan defines the company’s purposeful goals and measures, and steers everyday efforts to prepare healthy and sustainable food.

Raisio’s business is continuously developed in a more responsible direction, but much remains to be done. Also when making Beanit, we constantly challenge ourselves to improve and, at the same time, hope to encourage others to join on the journey of more sustainable food.

Raisio around the world

Raisio is used to writing international success stories. In 2020, more than 60% of Raisio’s net sales came from exports.

Especially Benecol® products and Finnish oats have enabled the company’s success on the export market. The cholesterol-lowering innovation behind the Benecol® products is also an example of harnessing domestic food expertise for international trade.

The next innovative chapters in Raisio’s success story will feature Beanit® and Finnish fava beans!

Just Beanit.