When doing good, we want to do it well

As part of Raisio, our approach to responsibility reflects the entire Group’s purpose – Food for Health, Heart and Earth.

The foundations for responsibility are on our side, as plant-based food is generally known to be good for the environment and health. Having good foundations does not, however, mean that we take our responsibility for granted. Our obligation is to ensure that anyone who chooses Beanit® products is making a truly responsible and sustainable choice.

Good Food Plan

The making of Beanit is guided by Raisio’s Good Food Plan. The Responsibility Programme, updated for the years 2022–2025, serves as a guide and provides tools for making more sustainable fava bean products.

In the Good Food Plan, the health of the planet and people is taken into account. What is more, the responsibility of our products is assessed all along the way, from primary food production to production plant and to dinner table. The five areas are: Environmentally Friendly Packaging, Environment & Climate Action, Healthy Food, Food Professionals and Sustainable Food Chain..

Aiming for carbon neutrality in our own production

Our goal is for the Beanit® production facility in Kauhava to be carbon neutral by the end of 2023. A significant enabler in achieving this goal is wind power, which we already use.

We are not just settling for assessing our own production, but also want to have an impact on the emissions arising outside our production facility, for instance, in primary production, logistics and our work commutes and business trips. We will measure these so-called Scope 3 emissions starting in 2022, after which we will be able to devote our energies to the most effective actions.

A cornerstone of sustainable food production is that nothing is wasted or produced in vain. That is why we are forming our work culture around resource wisdom. We commit to reducing food and production waste and utilising side streams with increasing efficiency.

Delicious and healthy food

Our mission is to make Beanit® part of a delicious, versatile and healthy diet. To further that mission, we are working hard to make Beanit® products even more nutritious. The ambitious target of Raisio’s responsibility programme is for 80% of the company’s products to be healthy alternatives in their own categories.

Besides focusing on the healthiness of our own products, we also want to inspire and encourage people to eat plant-based food more broadly. Our goal is to create eating habits that are compatible with the Earth’s carrying capacity and to promote the Planetary Health Diet.

Healthy food is delicious and delightful. Even small dietary changes can have a major impact: first in people’s health and then in the Earth’s.

Promoting fair food

Finnish fava beans are a matter of pride and of the heart for us. We cherish the star of our story.

As we passionately fly the flag for a plant-based diet, we must also take into account the effects that its rapid spread will have on the food system. It is important for tomorrow’s food production to also hold opportunities and offer a fair livelihood to as many people as possible.

The coming food transition must be as fair and just as possible.

Fava bean is an enabler of sustainable food

Finnish fava bean offers excellent starting point for our sustainable food production. Fava bean is among other things, a very low-emission source of protein, thus helping us to produce products with a relatively small carbon footprint. For example, the carbon footprint of Härkis® Original is approximately 1.9 kg of CO2e/kg of product.

As a food source for pollinators, fava beans are friends of biodiversity. The fava bean is also a nitrogen-fixing crop, keeping the soil naturally rich in nutrients and thus reducing the need for, e.g., fertilizers.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the fava bean, increase demand for it and improve its farming conditions.

A genuine desire to do the right thing

Our noble targets alone are not enough. Even after our planned actions are implemented, we will no doubt face some criticism and comments. We have come a long way on some of our paths to responsibility, but on others we know we are still at the very beginning of our journey. We have a lot of work ahead of us and a lot to learn!

With this in mind, we want our customers, partners and employees to rest assured that a genuine desire to do the right thing is at the heart of everything that Beanit and Raisio do.

Just Beanit.