Hi, we are Verso Food!

Verso Food – the Home of Beanit®

Founded in 2010, Verso Food is currently the market leader in plant-based foods in our domestic Finnish markets. Our greatest desire is to introduce fava bean products to tables and plates all over the world.

There are roughly 35 of us, located both at our production facility in Kauhava, Western Finland, and at the office in Espoo, in the capital region.

Our shared mission is to normalise sustainable eating. We want to invite everyone to share in our excitement, to sit together at a table serving delicious food that just happens to be plant-based and sustainable.

Nothing strange or confrontational, no us and them. The most radical thing about us is that we’re not radical.

Our story so far

Back in 2010, the founders of what eventually became Verso Food were contemplating the potential of legumes farmed in Finland. Could they provide an alternative to existing plant-based foods? First the focus was on peas, but soon enough the inspiring fava bean grabbed their attention with its versatility.

After elaborate product development, Verso Food managed to make a true breakthrough with Härkis®, the fava bean crumb. The next masterpiece of our product developers, Beanit® Fava Bean Chunks, was launched in 2019, which further solidified our position in the hearts of friends of versatile sustainable eating. At the same time, Beanit® became our main brand and laid the ground for successful export operations.

Since 2021 Beanit has been part of Raisio Plc.


Sustainable eating is at the core of our operations. When we add to this our founder, which is based on a trust that exists purely for charitable reasons, it’s safe to say that our opportunities to do impactful business are remarkable.

The ingredients and production methods we use enable us to produce food with a particularly low carbon footprint. For example, the footprint of Härkis Original is 1.9 kg CO2e/kg. In addition to the environmental aspects, our aim is to address other areas of sustainability with the actions we have planned for the near future.