Frequently asked questions

What are the Beanit® Fava Bean Chunks and Mince made of?

The Beanit® Fava bean chunk and mince mass itself contains only water, pea protein and Finnish fava beans. The products are then seasoned with a flavoured rapeseed oil. That’s all there is to it.

What is so unique about Beanit® Fava Bean products? There are lots of other veggie chunks and mince in the world already.

The short answer is fava bean. The main ingredient that provides the subtly nutty base taste makes us different from the other plant-based food innovations. The Beanit® Fava Bean Chunks and Mince get crispy when fried and have a pleasant texture which is firm but not chewy. Try them yourself, and you will see! 

Also, the Beanit® Fava Bean Chunks and Mince are sold fresh, not frozenThey are simple to cook: since the product contains oil, all you need to do is to toss them into a hot pan and fry them crispy. No extra oil is needed for cookingIn professional kitchens they are ready to use in all cooking methods: cook&servecook&chill, cold-cook and cold kitchen.

How should I prepare Beanit®? For what kind of dishes are the product suitable?

The Beanit® products fit in a wide range of dishes, cuisines and food processes. They can be pan fried, simmered, prepared in oven or eaten just as they come. Beanit® Fava Bean Mince for example works well in pizzas, salads, casseroles, pies, sauces, sandwich fillings, balls, patties. With the Chunks you can get creative with pastas, woks, stews, tortillas, pitas, bowls, salads and street food, among others. The taste variants extend the applicability even further so just go ahead and let your creativity flow!

Is this a substitute for meat or chicken?

You can use the Beanit® products a meat replacement and as an ingredient in meat alternative applications. 

However, in terms of taste, our goal was not to develop a meat or chicken mimic but rather a new delicious plant-based protein ingredient. Our mission is to make plant-based food that is absolutely delicious, and vegetarian food deserves its own unique taste. That’s why we don’t use chicken or meat flavorings or try to copy the taste of animal proteins. 

As we see it, the Beanit® Fava Bean Chunks and Mince are above all great new ingredients for delicious cooking. On top of that, they happen to be a sustainable alternative.

Where are the Beanit® products produced?

Our products are produced in our own brand new facility in the small rural town of Kauhava in Western Finland. The facility holds the FSSC 22000 certificate, recognizing our high quality and standards. 

The fava beans we use are Finnish and locally sourced.

How do you ship the products?

Thanks to our clever packaging solution, Beanit® products in 2,5 kg packs can be shipped all over the world. The airtight plastic film packs, delivered in 4 x 2,5kg units are stored ambient and have a shelf life of eight months!

Are Beanit® products provided as an ingredient for the food industry?

Yes they are! There are multiple ways we can collaborate with food industry partners. Please refer to “This is how we work” and do not hesitate to contact our export manager to hear more about the possibilities. 

What is Fava Bean and how do you use it?

The farming of this nutritious, inspiring, and versatile legume began already in prehistoric times and can be found almost all over the world. Also in Finland fava bean has been cultivated for centuries as a staple food, but during recent times had been largely forgotten. Now we are proud to contribute to its comeback to people’s plates. 

In Beanit® products we use fava bean flour, but the bean can be used also in many other ways. Either green and fresh right after harvesting or dried brown and then soaked just like many other legumes. 

Fava bean is not only delicious food, but it also is a true friend of biodiversity, used as a natural fertilizer in organic farming. In addition, it is a Nordic low-carbon option for your plate.  

The fava bean we use is a specific Finnish variety, Kontu. It grows well on our northern latitudes, and perfectly answers our taste, quality and nutritional requirements.

How can I get more information about you and your products?

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you all the information you wish for! Make sure you have checked out our Fact Sheet already too; it already contains extensive information about our products