Get inspired!

Sautéed Beanit®The Sautéed Northern Beanit® is our take on the traditional Finnish stew made of reindeer or other game. It is quick to prepare and marries perfectly with traditional sides such as mashed potatoes and lingonberries. Yum!
Green Beanit® pizzaThe green pizza features pesto sauce and green toppings. The kale crisps up beautifully on the pizza. The recipe makes one baking tray or two round pizzas.
Mediterranean dipping platterThis gorgeous platter is conveniently oven-roasted on a single baking tray and served with your favourite dip. Use seasonal vegetables for optimal taste (and environmental impact, of course).
Breakfast fry-upA proper breakfast is a must on the weekend. Fry some mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and beans to accompany the Beanit® Fava bean chunks. Heat up your frying pan and make some coffee!
Lemon Beanit® pastaThis fresh pasta is quick to make and is sure to be eaten equally quickly – it’s so delicious! After work or on a weekend, it doesn’t matter – you can keep the recipe’s easy ingredients always at hand in your fridge.
Green summer soupVegetable soup – hate it or like it, this soup will become your new favourite with an Asian twist. Fresh summer vegetables, lemony Beanit® chunks, green curry and creamy coconut. And that’s it!
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